For this poem remember to pay attention to sound. The poem is part of my video project, pay attention to the way it flows, the breaks, the rhythm, and the way it sounds will be very important. Recite your poem at least once, and edit your poem so that it sounds the way you want it to sound and so that it is easy for you to recite.

There are four general rules for all poems, regardless of concept:

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  1. Write about specific individuals whom you can picture in your mind.(I am a Chinese man, you may start with my 5 years long relationship with my girlfriend Keran). Do not write about faceless peasants or homeless people.
  2. Do not put thoughts into the minds of other people. You can describe other people only based on what you can observe.
  3. Focus on objects and activities that can be represented visually (in preparation for your video).
  4. Make sure that a careful reader can construct the setting for your poem and visualize your poem.

To allow a careful reader to reconstruct the setting you might give hints such as place names (In n Out, Berryessa, Cubao) or use non-English words. Keep in mind that if you use non-English words you should insert romanization and translation in brackets.

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