Here are the instructions for this assignment. Please keep in mind my variables are:

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Dependent variable- Independence & Problem Solving

Independent Variable- Emotional intelligence

For this assignment, you are expected to use the Sample Annotated Bibliography document as a template. You must accomplish the following tasks:

APA_Sample_Annotated_Bibliography copy.pdf

  • Select a minimum of 20 peer-reviewed or scholarly publications for ONE of the literature streams you intend to use in your literature review.

A literature stream is dedicated to each specific variable in your specific analysis. For example, if you were to conduct a research study to determine the correlation between shoe size and IQ, one stream of literature would be about shoe size, and the other would be about IQ. These streams will have to be clearly defined in your Week 7 paper, so the better the literature selected for this assignment, the better off you will be when it comes time to write that paper.

I have uploaded last weeks assignment, that would be good to check out first.

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