part 1:

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Above is a general overview about race, what it really is. (DOCUMENT attached)

And a link to youtube videos that discuss some issues related to multi-ethnicities in China.;_ylt=A86…

Then view this youtube made in Britain about DNA testing and ethnicity;_ylt=Awr…

View these then

Find material on your own, and think of our texts as well as the modules you have read After these steps are completed Prepare a three paragraph personal essay about your understanding and perspective of multiethnicity in the world today.

part 2:…

Watch all the clips about the Documentary TWO SPIRITS and complete as much as possible of the following questions:

Worksheet for “Two Spirit”, the PBS movie about Fred Martinez, a Navajo Nadleehi How many sexes are there in the Navajo tradition?

How do Navajo judge people in their tradition?
When did the Navajo tradition of Nadleehi become challenged by outsiders.

How was the Navajo culture undermined?

What is a Nadleehi, or Two Spirit? How is this concept different from our western notion of homosexual?

What is the traditional role of the Nadleehi in the Navajo culture? Can you identify a “famous” Nadleehi in American history?

Some cultures see one’s sexuality as necessary only for procreation, other cultures have a broader view of sexuality that includes one’s spirit, and one’s gifts. What do you think of this distinction?

What happened to Fred?

How does the movie define a hate crime?

In what ways does fear of difference, or, “other” effect people’s behaviors and values? Do you think this is always the case, or do other cultures have a different perspective and understand variation, (different ways of acting and looking) in another way?

*NO quotes NEEDED.

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