Part 1 assignment

Read the case Yinscape and Yangsearch (pg. 112) and the material in Module 2 on ‘vision.’ Using the information in this case, you are to prepare a 10 minute ‘vision’ speech to deliver to the first official meeting of Yingscape and Yangsearch’s top officers. Write out your speech in APA format, list your references, and feel free to create a PowerPoint presentation to add flavor and variety to your speech.

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Writing Requirements

  • APA format, 3–4 pages in length (excluding cover page, abstract, and reference list)
  • Use the APA template located in the Student Resource Center to complete the assignment.


1.A vision is an attempt to articulate what a desired future for a company would look like and can be considered ‘the organizational dream;’ it stretches the imagination and motivates people to rethink what is possible. What is your personal vision? Where do you see yourself in 2 years, 5 years, 10 years?

2.You have reviewed the material and short video on information literacy. How will you use this knowledge to your benefit as a college student? When conducting research, what is your game plan to gather the needed information related to your topic(s)?

3.Explain how poor data quality can lead to bad decisions.

4.How did Coca-Cola in Japan use data warehousing to improve its business processes?

What were the results of their enterprise active data warehouse implementation?

Sources: Adapted from K. D. Schwartz, “Decisions at the Touch of a Button,” Teradata Magazine, (accessed June 2009); K. D. Schwartz, “Decisions at the Touch of a Button,” DSS Resources, March 2004, pp. 28–31, (accessed April 2006); and Teradata Corp., “Coca-Cola Japan Puts the Fizz Back in Vending Machine Sales,” (accessed June 2009)

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