The introduction to your project should be at least one paragraph and should introduce the readers to the topic that you have chosen and why you are interested in researching that topic. Include an introductory sentence that draws readers into the subject matter of paper.

The conclusion should be at least one paragraph and should wrap up what was covered in the paper.

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Casual sex is a broad topic that handles various sub-topics on life, relationships and sex. The sub-topics aim at explaining what is casual sex, what it entails and the leading causes to perform casual sex among individuals (Bush & McIlhaney, 2008). Sex education materials on casual sex can be obtained from online platforms that offer sex education to people of all ages. The age levels may range from teenagers, adults and sex educators who need to learn more about sex life concerning its benefits and dangers. The sex education aims at teaching the target group on the necessity to practice safe sex especially in this era of sexually transmitted infections such as the HIV/AIDS pandemic that has no cure.

Local and online resources define casual sex as an intimate engagement of persons who are not in a romantic relationship with no strings attached. The reasons to have casual sex may range from money desires like in prostitution, exploration, and adventure in case of swinging partners or partner-swapping (Cornog & Perper, 2016). Casual sex may also be enjoyed by persons who need to relieve themselves and have pleasure as well as recreate and have fun. Sex materials indicate that casual sex has no emotional attachment among the parties involved for there is no commitment or fond familiarity between the couple.

The sex education materials and resources can be such as sex educators who are very resourceful persons in any society. They teach the general public with the help of social workers and health providers on how to practice safe sex to avoid and prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. Online resources such as links to the centers for disease control and prevention give materials on sex education, especially concerning the casual sex practices. Other sources may include the darkness to light organization that focuses on reducing the occurrence of child abuse and sexual harassment through public awareness and sex education.


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Cornog, M. & Perper, T. (2016). For sex education, see librarian : a guide to issues and resources. Westport, Conn: Greenwood Press.

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