JC’s Pie Pops ( is a fast-growing frozen-food brand. The CEO, Jennifer “JC” Constantine started the company in 2013 and currently they serve over 4,000 grocery stores across the US. (Read the story here and here).

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JC’s has had issues with its supply chain in the past and it has limited their growth; They had to refuse the request to do test runs by some grocery store chains due to supply chain and manufacturing limitations. Due to recent investments, JC’s has overcome the manufacturing issues. Currently, they are planning to expand their business by serving more grocery stores. JC’s wants to develop the supply chain and logistics to meet this objective.

Your team is responsible for proposing methods to develop the supply chain and logistics network for JC’s.

Following are some information provided by JC’s management.

  • JC’s Pie Pops currently serves 4200 stores. JC’s wants to increase that by 50% in next 2 years. Demand is expected to increase by 50% in the next 2 years as well.
  • Currently, JC’s has one manufacturing facility, which has the capacity to manufacture the increasing demand for the next 2 years.
  • The finished goods warehouse does not have room to grow.
  • Currently, the finished goods are transported to the retail stores by a third-party transportation company. JC’s can secure investments to build a new central distribution center (location not decided) which can transport goods to regional distribution centers and then to retail stores.
  • JC’s currently purchase raw materials for their products from many different suppliers. There is no clear method for purchasing raw material.
  • JC’s manufacture their products based on the demand forecasts and deliver them to the retail stores. Some retail store chains have shown interest in coordinating with JC’s to share the point-of-sale data and enter sales contracts.
  • Analyze JC’s current supply chain and logistics network and identify current issues.
  • Identify possible issues of expansion related to supply chain and logistics. (Assume there are no issues related to manufacturing).
  • Discuss possible solutions for the issues identified above.
  • Propose the best course of action for JC’s to develop the supply chain and logistics network to accommodate 50% sales expansion in next two years.
  • A project report which includes following sections.
  • Introduction to the JC’s Pie Pops and its supply chain and logistics system
  • Current and Possible Issues
  • Discussion should include topics such as: Use of information technology, Issues in logistics, Procurement, Demand and order management, Inventory management, Warehousing and facility location, Material handling, and Transportation management.
  • Alternative solutions to above issues
  • Discussion on alternative solutions
  • Recommendations for the supply chain and logistics network and logical reasons
  • A presentation (Less than 15 minutes) to present your findings and proposals
  • The quality of the report: The report should include all the topics included in the deliverables. You have to convince me that you have done a thorough analysis and considered alternative solutions. Also, you have to show that you have chosen the best alternative action as the solution. (50%)
  • Structure of the report: The report should follow a scientific paper layout (i.e. introduction, background, discussing the problem, discussing the methods (for solving problems), and discussing the solution, and conclusion. If you use any sources, cite them using a standard citing method. (20%)
  • Presentation: Your presentation should be professional and present the findings within the time limit. Also, you should be able to answer the questions by audience and/or the instructor. (20%)
  • Team work: Your individual contribution to the project will be assessed by your partner. (10%)




This project will be a team exercise. You have to collaborate with one classmate during the project.

You are free to choose a partner for the project. If you do not select a partner before October 12th, the instructor will assign you a partner.

Your individual contribution will be considered when the grade is calculated.


The grade for the project will contribute towards 10% of your final grade.

The grade will be determined by:

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