Few people are lucky enough to work in an environment with only people they like. Thus, we all run into conflict and difficulties with our coworkers sometimes.Each student should think about the information that was presented in your readings this week in terms of communication and conflict.

After reflecting on the information that was covered this week, each student needs to think of a time when he or she had a conflict with someone in a professional environment. Using a strategy from this week, explain how you could have improved the outcome. List some strategies that deems most effective. Have a friend or family member act as a person/employer interviewing you about the conflict and how you could have resolved the conflict in a professional manner using the strategies you learned. Record your interview using a podcast or other recordable format (you can even use your cellphone voice recorder). Submit a written transcript of the recording, you do not need to submit the recording itself. No specific format or APA is needed just be sure its organized and easy to follow. Have fun with this activity!

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