The Problem that I’ll address is “Lack of Communications Effect on Organizational Culture”

this problem or lets say issue created many sub-issues such as:

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  • Negative Environment
  • Decreased employees’ performance and interest to work
  • Created a type of immune to change/ believe or trust (in the employees)

if such issues addressed effectively, the employees (who are the real asset) will recover from the bad experience they had in the last two years. it will take time but taking the required actions is the start to see the results.

the value of communications cannot be underestimated in any circumstances, as well as the value of Leadership. these values are important in business and are the core when leading a change.

Consulting Poster :

You are a hired consultant for your corporation, and it is your task to create a poster that communicates the results of your consulting effort. Your poster must include: (1) an introduction that explains the key consulting issue or problem faced by the organization, (2) methods and approaches used to analyze the problem (3) an analysis of the key issues, (4) solutions for the problem, and (5) a specific recommendation that addresses the problems. You are required to draw on academic research to support your analysis and recommendation.

Ensure your poster presents the most important/interesting/astounding finding from your consulting project, and that it does so in a visually appealing way. Charts, graphs, and images often help to communicate information in a simple and clear fashion.

I’ve attached a sample poster.

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