Poem:Emily Dickinson’s “Because I could not stop for Death”


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1.After reading the poems, Emily Dickinson lived a life that was very alone. Look at her poems and show how each poem reflects this perception use textual evidence, MLA formatting, and works cited. you will use textual evidence, MLA, formatting, and add a works cited This time comment on two other responses.

2.response two student reply


My Perspective on Emily Dickerson living a life of loneliness based off her poems. All the poems that I read by her this week was about death. I think that her being alone so much she thought maybe dying was the way to escape her loneliness. The only one that did not talk about dying was I’m nobody who are you, and Wild Nights-Wild nights. I felt a funeral in my brain talks about someone having a funeral in her brain. Where she felt the Mourners to and fro kept treading and treading till it seemed. Pg. 576. She also expressed how her mind was going numb because of it. Because I could not stop for death talks about how she couldn’t stop for death but he stopped for her. It tells of how she and death rode in a carriage just for themselves and immortality. Pg. 577. It also talks about how they visited every stage of her life. Loneliness can be a terrible thing because people do give up on life and sometimes they even take their lives. It also can send you into a state of depression.


In the poems of Emily, there occur many instances where she refers to her seclusion and loneliness, and she claims that the two can be pretty wonderful. Emily enjoyed a normal social life when she was a school girl. She is described as being passionate yet distant. Dickinson loves her loneliness, and she feels that she cannot live without it.

Dickinson lived a life that was full of loneliness as the poems show her longing for intimacy and passion. In the poem, I’m nobody the theme of loneliness is present, and it shows how Dickinson lived her life as if she was the only one on earth. She expresses that she loved to be left in isolation as she expresses in the poem saying that being somebody would be boring. This thus shows that she really treasured her alone life as being somebody would force her to go public. Loneliness is also present in the poem I felt a funeral in my brain. Loneliness begins to creep in when an individual is bereaved, and the poet expresses how the grief caused her much pain to the extent she falls into depression, and this is evident in the line where she says “my mind was going numb” (line 8). The depression thus causes Emily to love staying alone as she deals with her grief. Most of the works by Emily show how she loved to be left alone as she finds solitude to be a beautiful thing.

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