As a new intern, it is your turn to present to the pretrial diversion program staff luncheon this week. All employees and interns take turns presenting each Thursday at noon at the staff luncheon. You have only been an intern for a few months and are not sure what information you could present to the staff that would be useful. One program within the pretrial diversion program that your supervisor, Sarah Harris, is working on is employment opportunities in the criminal justice field for individuals who have successfully completed the pretrial diversion program and are interested in attending college. She has secured a significant grant from the state to implement this pilot project. Ms. Harris suggests that you present on the different types of careers in the criminal justice field that individuals who have successfully completed the pretrial diversion program could apply for once they have completed their college education. The funding she has received from the state is for use in assisting these successful candidates to apply to college and for tuition reimbursement for their first year.

Ms. Harris gives you the following guidelines to use for your presentation:

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  • Discuss 2 different positions that the successful candidates could apply for in the criminal justice field after they complete their college degree.
  • For each of the positions you listed, give a definition for each job, the duties for each job, and the educational requirements for each job.
  • Choose the positions you think are most interesting to pursue, and explain why you believe this type of job would be a good fit for an individual who has successfully completed a pretrial diversion program.
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