Answer each part within 250-300 words, use in-text citation and list the reference if you use a different source to answer the questions.

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Part 1: Values and specific Causes

Chapter 3 of this week’s reading discusses marketing strategy as it relates to Values.

There’s a significant amount of discussion on values and specific groups and causes.


What groups and causes do you value?

Of the groups that the book mentions which causes do you feel would be the hardest to market to & why?

Which groups do you feel would be the easiest to market to?

Part 2: American Core Values

I’m a very proud to be an American and feel that America has some very deep and great core values.


Before taking this class what do you consider CORE AMERICAN VALUES to be?

Have you analyzed what American Values are before?

How do American Values differ compared to those of other countries?

Part 3: Occupational Influences on Consumption


It’s fascinating how one’s career may impact their buying habits.

Being successful is one thing, but the fact that one’s occupation can influence them as a consumer is very interesting.


Review Table 4-1 and think about your own purchase decisions.

Does your occupation influence your consumption and if so how?

How does your occupation impact the products you purchase & why?

How does your occupation impact the activities you do & why?

How does your occupation impact where you shop & why?

How does your occupation impact the products you purchase & why?

How does your occupation impact what media you listen to & why?

Part 4: Demographics

The Demographics of a society directly impacts consumer behavior.

Demographics vary across a geographic region and


What role does Demographics play in impacting consumer behavior?

What characteristics make up demographics?

Why is population and growth important?

Part 5: Cultural Subculture


We may identify ourselves as Americans, but we also identify ourselves in smaller groups too.

There can be different cultures from state to state, city to city and neighborhood to neighborhood.

There is also subcultures where we group ourselves based on similar interests and backgrounds.

Note: I am originally from Iran, was born in Tehran.


How do you feel subculture influences consumers?

How many subcultures are there?

What subcultures do you belong to and how does this influence you as a consumer?

What values does this subculture represent to you?

Please share your thoughts and experiences.

Part 6: Households & Family


When I grew up my parents made most decisions, but as a kid and as I grew older I had more influence over my parents and siblings. As a unit we made decisions together, with varying levels of influence, but there was still influence.

Note: I am a male, married, no kids, and as of right now im a student, and just got my real estate license.


What impact do families have on consumer decisions?

Why is it important for marketers to have influence over American households?

What role do you play in your household?

Part 7: Marketing to Kids…Concerns?


Walking through grocery stores I often think about what products are at the eye level of children.

Sometimes I see a commercial on television and think “wow I’m surprised that ad is on television at an hour that most kids are awake and may be watching right now.”


What concerns you most about companies marketing to children?

Identify and share an ad that markets in an attempt to change the values of children.

Identify and share an ad that markets to children and may impact their diet.

Identify and share an ad that markets to children and may cause family conflict.

What companies or industries do you feel do the best job marketing to children?

Part 8: Group Influence


We’re all part of many groups and circles. We are influenced and have influence over other individuals in our groups too.


How many groups do you think you’re a part of that have influence over your consumer decisions?

What groups have the most influence over you as a consumer?

What groups do you have the most influence over?

Please share your experiences and thoughts.

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