i wrote a paper and the professor gave me a comments on it here is the paper in the attached

this was the instructions: :

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The paper is 5-8 pages long and covers a specific contemporary issue that can serve as an example of a general theory of political economy. The paper will be written by referencing at least two academic political science articles and at least three newspaper or other journalistic sources.

The specific assignment:

I will provide you with three pairs of academic political science articles. Each pair contains two articles that address a similar question. Pick one of the pairs. Then, write a paper about the issue that the pair of papers addresses.

  • Your paper should:
    • Summarize and explain the two articles (this part might be about 3-4 pages)
      • State and explain the research question that both papers address (it’s the same for both papers).
      • Explain each paper’s hypothesis.
      • Describe the independent variables and dependent variable for each paper.
      • Describe each paper’s basic findings and conclusion.
    • Explain the different conclusions that the two articles reach (this part might be about 1 page)
    • Evaluate the differences between the two articles by describing a contemporary situation, using at least three news articles (this part might be about 1-2 pages)
  • 5-8 pages, double-spaced, not including references.
  • Cite the two papers and and least three news articles from mainstream news sources (the sources do not need to be U.S.-based). For each news source you use that is at all unfamiliar, include a footnote in which you establish that it is a reputable source.
  • Use complete citations using a conventional format.

Option 1: Does racism or economic insecurity drive support for anti-immigrant parties?

  • Rydgren, Jens. “Immigration sceptics, xenophobes or racists? Radical right‐wing voting in six West European countries.” European Journal of Political Research 47.6 (2008): 737-765.
  • Lucassen, Geertje, and Marcel Lubbers. “Who fears what? Explaining far-right-wing preference in Europe by distinguishing perceived cultural and economic ethnic threats.” Comparative Political Studies 45.5 (2012): 547-574.

here what i want you to fix this is what the professor told me about my paper :

This is a good start. You have the basic outlines of the article correct.

For the last part of your paper I am looking for a discussion of current events, not more research. So, pick a country (maybe the United States) and try to figure out what each of the two authors you read would say about a recent event (like the election of Donald Trump)

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