This is not meant to be “set in concrete,” but rather to push you to decide early. Your group should go through at least one round of “brainstorming” by having each individual present at least one potential business process for analysis before group discussion and decision on the group topic. To illustrate your brainstorming process and to evaluate different options, your proposal must be brief, while include two parts: individual project proposal and your group decision.

Part I. Individual Project Proposals: Each group member must propose at least ONE potential organization and its process for the project before the group discussion. The authorship of each potential business/process must be indicated in the submission. Each individual proposal idea should be presented in one or two paragraphs explaining/identify the following:

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  1. author of the idea
  2. name of the business
  3. potential business process you’d like to focus on (no need for detail, just general category; e.g. sales order process, customer return process, etc.)
  4. whether you have any personal connection in the organization, or any potential that you can get access to theprocess
  5. what perspective you plan to focus on (e.g. reducing time for the process cycle, increase revenue, etc.),
  6. why it is important to you,
  7. what you expect to learn from the project (both related to class content as well as other things)
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