. In order to receive maximum points for the essay, it must contain a summary of the lecture that was attended, additional information not presented by the lecturer, and opinions on the information and subject that was presented. Keep in mind my policy of plagiarism (that don’t copy others student’s work). All essays will be submitted via CANVAS. (essay must have a cover page and must be 5 pages including the cover page) The subject is:

The U.S. Housing Bubble and Great Recession

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Paper Format:

  1. The paper must be typed, 12 fonts, and double spaced, with cover sheet (No cover 5 points off).
  2. Use headings within the report when appropriate.
  3. The paper should be between 4-5 pages in length.
  4. Please cite your sources using MLA or APA Format – (the Writing Center can offer assistance if you do not know how to do this). Some other helpful sites include –,, (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.
  5. Points will be based on content and compliance with stated format requirements.
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