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There are a few similarities and a few differences between both Judaism and Islam. One of the main similarities is the foods that they both eat. This is important because they both eat certain foods and are not allowed to eat other foods. For example one of the foods that both are not allowed to eat is Pork. That is considered as an unclean food and something that is not good. That is one of the similarities that they both have. Another similarity that they both have is that they see Moses as a prophet from God. They are both monotheistic groups and only believe in one God. They both pray in certain directions, the Jews pray in the direction of Jerusalem and Muslims pray in the direction of Mecca which to them both are the holiest places in their religions. Another similarity is that they both believe that unmarried men and women are not allowed to touch each other it is seen as disrespectful. One of the differences they have is that Muslims only have one pilgrimage in their lifetime to Mecca and as for Jews it is 3 times a year to Jerusalem. Another difference is how in Islam all women must cover their hair and in Judaism, all married women must cover their hair.

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