Unit 1 Completed Section

Introduction to HR and the HRM Environment

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1.) Should Mr. Polk and others be allowed to violate a grooming policy on the basis of a religious proclamation on the sanctity of dreadlocks? Why or why not? If you answer “yes,” is there any point where you would draw the line in terms of company policy regarding appearance and the religious implications of dress?

2.) Does FedEx have a right to impose a reasonable grooming policy based on customer reactions to personnel appearances?


APA Format

600 words each

3 references per question, one can be the reading material that is provided.

Please Keep the answer separated like the questions.

Also the HRMCPS_CTA 3-A is for the questions above and the reading material as well.

Bethel University. (2013). Human Resource Management, An Experimental Approach, Sixth Edition. Retrieved from

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