Visit the Officer Down Memorial Page (www.odmp.org) and write about the officers who have died in 2017. Specifically, list how many officers died and how they died (how many died in an automobile accident? how many died by gunfire? etc). Select two officers who have died this year and summarize their career and death.

Who were they?

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Where did they work?

How long have they worked?

Did they have a family?

How did they die?

What happened to the suspect?

You can add anything else you think is important or interesting. You can also do additional research into the officer and the incident and add it to your assignment. Lastly, read over some of the comments and reflections that people have left on the officers’ page. Talk about who most of the people are who are leaving comments and the nature of their comments. Your submission must be at least 500 words long.

Please make it sample and easy.

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