The paper that you already did to me was great. however, can you please edit it completely and make it as simple as you can? simple vocabulary, simple writing style and simple sentences. I need to be the same as the one you did for me but a lot simpler please. and double check the references please.

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also, on a separate file, can you please summarize each section of the paper for the feedback.

thank you

II. Approach Methodology

Section 1. Background and Topic Introduction – Describe the background, purpose and approach to this paper. Establish any question(s) you intend to answer or address in the paper.

Section 2. Literature Search – Identify what you found as you researched journals and articles on the topic of the paper. Identify the authors and a short summary of the readings.

Section 3. Findings – Framework of the Paper – Create text that “unfolds” your topic highlighting key pieces of information that you discovered in the literature search. Identify how you will use this information to make the paper flow from one area of the paper to the next. Have a clear opening paragraph(s) followed by series of topical paragraphs that link the ideas and the points you need to make in the paper. Then have a summation paragraph that ties it all together.

Section 4. Results – Critical Thinking & Assessment – Analyze and evaluate the information/positions /issues you derived while explaining the key facts and/or assumptions. You must support or negate claims with evidence, facts, or proofs that accurately analyzes the appropriate evidence. Citations are required and must be nested throughout the paper. Finally, synthesize the evidence and articulate a logical and compelling position.

Section 5. Conclusion OR Summary – CONCLUSION – Frame this section based on what you “concluded” from all of the information discussed in the previous sections of the paper. Be direct and take a firm stance – one-way or the other. OR OR OR If you choose to write a summary then: For a SUMMARY – take note of listing the key facts you described in each section.

III. Format

  • Prepare a well-written paper of 4000-4500 words (SHOW WORD COUNT BUT DO NOT INCLUDE REFERENCES IN COUNT)
  • At least ten (10) references are required in your bibliography.
  • The paper is to be DOUBLE-spaced using a 10-12 point block font (Helvetica, Times Roman, etc.). Use 8.5 x 11 paper size.

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