You are creating a travel website to the place/city/country of your choice. All files must be loaded in canvas and uploaded to your website. Include the link to your project in canvas as well.


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  1. 4 pages + CSS page
  2. CSS page
    1. Wrapper
    2. Main
    3. Divisions
    4. Footer
  3. 2 column vertical navigation (hover)
  4. Right float with text
  5. Left float with text
  6. Boxes around at least 2 pictures picture
  7. Captions with pictures and figures
  8. 2 types of text
  9. One page will be for booking a hotel room. It will have a calendar to select dates and a Table with header, alternating colors for the row to include
    1. Hotel name
    2. Hotel picture
    3. Price Range
  10. One page will be a gallery of pictures and a video or youtube embedded – the gallery will have thumb nails and opacity.
  11. A favicon will be included
  12. A contacts page with a form for entering information is another page

I will need the files and images associated with the Code.

The webpage will need to be on California.

Dont worry about uploading the files to canvass, I will have to do that. I will need all of the files associated with the webpage.

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