1. What is the definition of “denomination” in religion?
  2. According to the Ellwood text what is the difference between “sects” and cults”? (cite page number)

The following questions are related only to Baha’ism from Ellwood text, video and please cite other sources:

  1. What are the myths of Baha’ism?
  2. What are the rituals of Baha’ism?
  3. What is sacred according to the Baha’ism?
  4. What is the Ultimate Power of Baha’ism?
  5. How does this religion answer Questions of Ultimate Concern? That is morality, meaning, and mortality?
  6. What is at least one “new” thing you discovered about Baha’ism?
  7. Which of the following course definitions do you consider Baha’ism: religion, denomination, sect, or cult?
  8. Why
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