After researching an issue or problem in my community you will develop and carry out a project that contributes to the community. This speech will need to be 5 minutes long highlighting your research and a detailed doable project proposal. Specifically the speech must include a synopsis of the research, details of your intended project, including dates, goals and relevant public communication. I live in San Diego, CA so the topic I propose researching is the homeless population and what I can personally do to help with this problem. Volunteering with organizations, helping at homeless shelters, etc. Along with the 5 minute speech I need a completed outline. I have already started the outline and have a template so it can be finished hopefully fairly easily. I have tried to get this assignment done with another tutor, but their work was unfortunately poorly done and it did not follow the grade sheets and template I attached. I will upload an outline template, the grade sheets for both the outline and speech, my outline that I started that needs to be finished and the previous tutor’s work.(just in case you could use some of their information to make it easier for you.) I am posting this assignment for 5 pages of work assuming it will be roughly a minute of speaking per page but it could be more or less. I really appreciate you for all of your help.

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