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The Concert Blogs represent an account of your impressions and observations made during a performance of live music. You may attend any kind of performance from blues to a classical recital. There are two approaches: go listen to something you really like, or go listen to something with which you have no experience. The latter offers a richer experience and gives you a greater palette upon which to draw. The musical event that you attend must be from this semester since I will ask you to listen for specific features.

Given ticket prices for the most musical performances, you are not expected to lay out top dollar, or any dollars for that matter, for such a performance. You may go to a major concert event if it was already in your plans to do so, but you may also choose a smaller, cheaper (even free) venue. There is live music in clubs and even on campus, however, and the efforts of musicians who are not famous are no less sincere.

I am interested in your observations. While I do not expect full blown descriptions of musical style since you have been exposed to only the tip of the iceberg, supply what you can. Certainly providing a bit of history about the music and musicians should not be difficult–classical programs usually furnish this and there is information readily available online about popular musicians. If you choose to hear a local band and no info is available, then you might have to introduce yourself to these artists. That might not always be possible, but try. You might make new friends, although there might be some trepidation if the band you choose is really scary! If the band does not want to talk to you, then it is what it is.

Whenever possible, you should include a video of the group at work. With YouTube, there is a wealth of music videos, very likely including the local performers whose music you might have attended. This includes everything from high school jazz orchestras to local rock bands. If you cannot find a video for the specific performer, you might find a short video exemplifying the style or the specific piece you heard.

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