Please respond to the following:

You have been learning a lot of useful information this week. Let’s discuss disk thrashing, troubleshooting disk book issues, and how to deal with lag and/or constantly crashing apps. This is some of the meat that IT workers love to feast upon!

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While on the job, you’ll be speaking with individuals who are desperate to get back up and running. You might even think of these extremely upset people as “freaking out”. Of course, we understand that they’re just having some kind of hardware or software malfunction. However, their data is usually on the hard drive somewhere, you just have to locate and protect it. If you’ve worked in another field and have experienced this catastrophic situation, then you can certainly relate.

    • How would you handle a situation like this where people are extremely upset?
      • What would you do to display your concern and that you’re going to do your best to solve the problem?
      • How would you react if you were upset and the IT technician utters these words: “Sorry, I’m unable to help you”?
    • Describe the best way to deal with the human part of computer work. Give some tips on what you’d prefer IT to say when they’ve arrived to help you.
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