How you will do it

  1. Review Polls: What Do the Numbers Tell Us? and complete Part 1 of the worksheet Public Opinion Polls.
  2. Select a recent Gallup poll for evaluation. (Polls from national magazines and daily newspapers may also be suitable.) Follow the directions in Part 2 of Public Opinion Polls.
  3. Use your completed worksheet as a basis for analysis and write a critique of the poll’s accuracy and validity in a brief essay. Submit your essay, along with the completed worksheet and a copy of the poll, to your instructor. For Step 3, prepare a 1-2 page essay with a clear thesis statement and support for your evaluation of the poll you selected. Your essay must be formatted according to MLA guidelines and should include a Works Cited page of references. Submit the essay with your completed Public Opinion Polls handout.
  4. Be prepared to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of polls and their role in political contests and decisions.
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