Book: Textbook(s) Tuten, T.L., & Solomon, M.R. (2015). Social Media Marketing. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage

References goes after each questions, must have 3 references use book for 1 reference and all parts of question must be address, the word count is beside each questions

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1. Nine different types of content are addressed in our text. Select one of the content types and identify a company that currently uses that type for their business. What are advantages of using this type of content type and what are disadvantages? Expand upon the advantages and disadvantages within your response and included sources to support the points you present. (Word Count 500)

2. A sponsored conversation is an element of social publishing. What does it entail and is this an ethical business practice? Should this type of publishing be illegal? ( Word Count 300)

3. Ford maintains a corporate hub for social media content called Ford Social ( Find another company that has something similar to Ford Social and discuss the similarities and differences between the two sites. (Word Count 400)

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