I would like help with my marketing plan and making it look nice (I’m not very good with powerpoint). I am attaching what I have done so far and the papers that I have written on the topic so far. I am also attaching the preliminary presentation that was done as a first assignment. It needs to be develped to include the below requirement I need a powerpoint presentation and an outline for a presentation. Here’s the requirement from the professor:

A well written marketing plan upon which an organization can execute is the concluding project for this course. Your marketing plan will be based on a real life, publicly traded company. You will take on the role of CHIEF MARKETING OFFICER for this company. In your new “job” you will conduct a SWOT analysis based on public information, develop a list of ORIGINAL marketing recommendations, and selecting one recommendation, write an implementation plan, including follow up metrics. You may consider a marketing plan on any of the following topics

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  • Introduction of a new product
  • Introduction of a new service
  • Expanding an existing product to an entirely new buyer segment
  • Expanding an existing product to an entirely new geographic market

This is NOT a research paper that documents the current marketing activities of your target firm.

The assignment is to be completed in POWERPOINT, as most organizations today use this format for marketing plan communication with management. A template and rubric have been attached as a resource.

The presentation should include

  • 4 content slides (without cover page or ending page). Slides must include at least 3 of the following: graphs, tables, photos, video, and text.
  • Company Summary and SWOT
  • Market Strategy Recommendation
  • One detailed element of the marketing plan (e.g., if a new market segment – which one and why, how does research support it? If a new product or service – discuss one of the 4 P’s… My new market segment is organic foods (healthier choices)
  • Financial projection
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