You will have a Signature Assignment in all of your LAS courses. This assignment demonstrates your best ability in written communication, critical thinking, and information literacy.

The paper should be between approximately 1000 to 1500 words, including captions for your visual images, but NOT INCLUDING the written text for your annotations. >(This is Draft paper, so 3 pages is enough)

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>Signature Assignment Prompt:

  • Select a pair of objects from the list of pairs provided by your instructor. My Pair: Venus of Willendorf vs.& The Swing (Fragonard)
  • Provide a thorough and detailed description of each object (do a formal analysis)
  • Research each object
  • Based on the results of your research, establish connections between the two objects using 1 of the following ways of knowing:

1. contextual analysis

2. semiotic analysis

3. gender analysis

  • In your conclusion, consider what these different “readings” teach you about the ideology of the canon and/or the media.

Your I Search paper will be a record of your research, your exploration into using books, Wikipedia, museum webstes and databases, an explanation of your process, and finally, how writing this paper has affected or changed your thinking about visual culture.


>You will then create a bibliography of at least 3 sources–books, museum website, or journal articles. Wikipedia won’t really count as one of your sources since it’s really just about finding background information or referrals to other sources.

>Annotated Bibliography for the I Search Paper

  • author credentials
  • type of source and the intended audience
  • purpose/ bias/ points of view
  • relevance of source to the paper
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