Answer both questions provided below. You may use outside materials/sources (e.g., journal articles) during the exam; any use of outside materials, you DO NOT need to place the citation. You must submit your answers by Monday, October 16th at 10:00pm. Late submission will not be accepted, and will result in a lower overall grade.

Academic dishonesty is described as (i) turn in an exam, paper or project that is not your work; (ii) copy answers from another student’s exam or quiz; (iii) have another person take a test or complete assignments for you; and (iv) submit the same paper for two or more classes. Plagiarism is a particular form of cheating that involves representing someone else’s work as your own. Consequences of academic dishonesty and plagiarism can be severe. It may result in a zero grade in the course and removal from the program.

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Question 1.

According to social disorganization theory, what causes a crime? And according to social learning theory, what causes a crime? Be sure to state all of the key variables and propositions in each theory and the relationships between them when stating the theory. Which theory do you believe is the “best”? Be sure to support your answer by Comparing and contrasting social disorganization theory with social learning theory.

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