In an impoverished urban district, a 13-yr-old girl is caught stealing in a grocery store. It is later determined that her mother instructed her to hide several steaks and other food items inside her jacket. During an interview, the girl states that she knows that stealing is wrong.

Scenario #2.

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A 17-yr-old female is caught attempting to steal an expensive prom dress. It is later determined that she is a cheerleader that has been successful in school and was recently nominated to homecoming court. The combined income of her parents is over $75,000 per year and she lives in a middle-class neighborhood. During an interview, the girl states that she knows that stealing is wrong.

1. How can differential association theory explain these crimes?

2. How could social learning theory be used to add to our understanding of these events?

3. Are these two theories adequate to explain the prom dress theft?

4. Can these theories explain serious violent offense, such as school shooting incident?

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