Answer each questions for two different essays. Like first 9 questions for essay 1, and same 9 questions for essay 2.

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Peer review questions to consider:

  1. What parts of the draft need the most clarification or elaboration? Be specific.
  2. Any suggestions for organizing the essay? Are there sections that feel out of place? Things that should be moved or deleted?
  3. What are the greatest strengths and weaknesses of your classmate’s essay? Can you point to areas that work well as examples for what to try in places that need more revision?
  4. Do you have any additional advice that would help this classmate do well on his/her paper? Share it here if so.
  5. Are there particular grammatical mistakes that come up more than once?
  6. Is your classmate’s stance on the issue clear? Indicate where that stance is apparent.
  7. How well are the required additional sources integrated? What other sources might benefit this paper? (eg. are sources relevant and reliable for their purposes? is a counter-argument considered?)
  8. What is your classmate’s thesis? Who is their audience? How well has she/he convinced them about their own researched topic?
  9. How well has your classmate supported his/her thesis with quotes and examples from the essay and/or from their research sources? Give examples.
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