Please demonstrate critical thinking abilities. No fewer than 250 words for post. Do not summarize the post and/or course concept(s), but perhaps comment on concepts directly applicable to your workplace.

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For this response, should outside sources be used to support the content within the postings, proper in-text citations and correctly formatted references should be prepared consistent with the APA (6th edition). The list of references should be physically positioned at the end of the postings.

1.Select 2 of the recommendations at the end of Chapter 8: Summary Recommendations for Enhancing Recruitment, pp 326-327. Analyze and discuss their practical significance and one potential legal implication.

  • Use targeted recruitment to identify underrepresented protected groups in an organization. Search recruitment Web sites targeting such underrepresented groups and contact specific organizations representing such groups to find possible sources of applicants.
  • Develop a recruitment We site that is attractive, easy to navigate, and easy to use for submitting application materials.

Targeted recruitment can be used to enhance diversity and reduce accusations of adverse impact in selection. Targeted recruitment can open several opportunities to applicants that weren’t previously marketed to for recruitment and selection. The methods in which an organization chooses to target specific applicants can cause some controversy if not done correctly. For example, if they advertising or methods used are offensive to a certain group, legal implications could be found. Also, if the recruitment specifically states that a certain protected class is not welcomed to apply, there could be grounds for adverse impact. When using targeted recruitment, an organization wants to makes sure that they are reaching out to an underrepresented group without discrimination against another.

Web recruitment is one of the easiest ways to advertise for recruitment. With the ease of access in the technologically advanced society, many organizations choose this route for recruitment to reach the largest pool of individuals for recruitment. Making sure that the web site and application process is easy to use and navigate is important for many reasons. An organization wants to make sure that the qualified applicants are able to use the system to process their applications successfully and have the best possible first experience with the organization. One legal aspect to take into consideration when using web based applications is also having written applications or other application methods that allow all applicants the same opportunity for selection. For example, having the best and easiest web site and application process as the only means for application could be seen as discriminating against those without computer or web access or even the blind who are unable to see your very well developed web site. This can be avoided by making sure there are also written applications available and accommodation for those without access to the web based application process.


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