Hello, How are you? It’s me again. I haven’t received any feed back on any of the assignments already submitted. I guess she will grade them soon. Attached are instructions for Assignment 3; continuation from the first 2. I have several more to go and again, I would like to continue have you tutor me. I have attached the first 2 assignments for you to refer back to. In class Thursday, we were discussing independent and dependent sentences. She would like for us to focus on using the correct punctuations, making sure we are not using run-on sentences, and etc…She also mentioned that we are to make sure we are using in-text citing when necessary. Again, thank you so much. We are almost done, lol. Please let me know if you need me to pull resources through our campus library, for she also mentioned that we are to make we are use reliable sources. Again, this assessment were made from what she’s been receiving from my classmates; she hasn’t graded mine ye.

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