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R2P is the abbreviated from of what is known in the world as the “Responsibility to (2) Protect. It is something that was created by the United Nations in which the idea was to protect or prevent violence that could range from genocide, ethnic cleansing, terrorism, war crimes among others. This is a global commitment that lies the responsibility to every country that is involved with the United Nations because it is important for every country to look out for each other, that every life is important that we should fight back against any type of violence that affects humanity in any part of the world.

I believe that powerful countries like the United States do have a responsibility to protect. It’s vital that the U.S protect those people that don’t have the capability to protect themselves because they might not have the resources or the courage to fight back. But I do believe that the responsibility should not fall only on the shoulders of the United States but on the other big countries like China and Russia among others, A current situation in the world that I think the U.S should intervene is the Civil War in Syria. I believe that the U.S should do more to protect the many lives of people who are being killed in the War which has been going on since 2011. The lives of women and children should be the main priority for the big countries, also ISIS is a big threat to that nations. Another place that the U.S should protect is what is going on in Venezuela where the people are trying to over through a president who doesn’t want to help his people out. I personally believe that wherever there is some sort of situation in which many lives are on the line, big countries should be involved.

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