Rat Genus Rattus

Unfortunately they changed their mind and I have to write about Rat Genus Rattus only.

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It should be only about this rat race.

The purpose of this assignment is to identify the major points of interactions between your research topic animal(s) and human beings. Please indentify use and impact by rat on human beings.Try to identify not only the types of relations (e.g. laboratory animals for human research, food production, food sources, zoo animals, etc.), but also the extent and specific subtype of uses as available. For instance if the topic was corn, corn is used in food production and can be found in cereals, snacks foods, etc. Additionally, corn is used in artificial sweetener production that can be found in sodas, etc. Corn is also used in the production of biofuels and certain plastics that can be found in….

The assignment should be 1- 2 pages in length. In addition to the assignment please provide a sheet of references for the source information.

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