Read the following article by Paul Ford from Bloomberg Businessweek: Paul Ford: What Is Code? (Attach in attachment)

Submit a single PDF write up of the article as follows:

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a) One-page max. overview of the article.

b) One-page max. focusing on one technological aspect of the article. Select a specific language, software, or website (e.g., StackOverflow on p. 84, machine learning, p.22.) and provide a description and information about what it is and why it matters to a businessperson. You may want to bring in additional information as a footnote.

c) One-page max. focusing on one business aspect of the article. Ideally, you will select a situation in the presented TMitTB case and describe it from a Project Management/SDLC point of view. You MUST bring in additional information from your textbook (cite as a footnote) and RELATE the case to the concepts in your textbook.


11-pt font, Helvetica or Arial (including header & footer)

Zero-point spacing before/after paragraphs

One Line break between paragraphs

Single line title/header, bold & centered.

Your name only in the header/footer

Page numbers in the header/footer

Line spacing at 1.15

Alignment at Justify Text

Margins 1 inch all around

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