Use of Reclaimed asphalt Pavements in pavements in USA

1. Introduction … ( 2 to 3 pages)

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i. General introduction

ii. Reclaimed asphalt pavement defined

iii. Reclaimed asphalt pavement influential factors

iiii. Objectives

2. Literature Review … ( 6 to 8 pages )

2.1. History

2.2. Various Traditional and conventional methods involved in recycling asphalt pavement.

2.3. Limitations of reclaimed asphalt pavement

2.4. Performance record

2.5. Survey record ( for ref IS138-2015_RAP-RAS-WMA_Survey_Final.pdf )

2.6. Pavement life cycle assessment tool for environment and economical effect

2.7. Effect of use of reclaimed asphalt pavement on environment.

3. Mechanics of recycled materials.

3.1 How the old asphalt pavements roads are recycled

3.2 various methods or technique for recycling of asphalt pavement

3.3 Laboratory Investigation of Mixing Hot-Mix Asphalt with Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement

3.4 Machinery or equipment’s or plant used to recycle asphalt pavement

3.5 Physical properties like (bulk density, compressive strength, setting time, shrinkage or expansion, moisture content, asphalt content, asphalt penetration, absolute viscosity, flexural strength, tensile strength, failures, sustainability..) mechanical properties(compact unit weight, California bearing ratio …. ) and chemical properties of reclaimed asphalt pavement change with respect to the virgin materials

3.6 Environmental constraints.

4. 2 – 3 case studies (at least two case study from Texas) on reclaimed asphalt pavement in USA.

5. Cost analysis

Economic aspects

6. Conclusion

7. References

Use for references

Department of transportation of different states…

National Asphalt Pavement Association (NAPA)

Federal highway Administration FHWA

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