Reflective Journal: Weeks 5–7

To prepare for the journal entries by reflecting on your own biases and discomforts as they occur during and outside of the course. This could include things you say, think, do, or an interaction with a particular individual that revealed a bias or discomfort, during andor outside of this class.

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5. Classrooms Influence Into Children’s Lives

Analyze strengths of differing communication styles and modes of learning

Identify ways to build on a child’s unique communication and modes or learning

Analyze personal bias and plan for moving toward lessening this bias

6. Fostering Positive Identities and Development: Anti-Bias Education

Analyze embedded messages of bias in classic and contemporary children’s books

Identify specific ways young children can be affirmatively supported to critically analyze bias when noticing the difference of others

7. The Influence of Trauma and Resilience

Analyze traumatic influences on children’s identities and development and the varied ways they can impact young children

Define resilience and analyze factors that can promote resilience in young children

Analyze and implement ways to change their prejudicial perspectives

Continue to analyze how bias and discomfort impact children’s identities and development

APA style between 2-3 pages not counting, 1st and references.


Derman-Sparks, L., & Edwards, J. O. (2010). Anti-bias education for young children and ourselves. Washington, DC: National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC).

Pelo, A. (Ed.). (2008). Rethinking early childhood education. Milwaukee, WI: Rethinking Schools.

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