for this assignment please respond with meaningful feedback. I am not asking your opinion of grammar, spelling or how it was written. I am asking you to respond to the topic, response, and information presented below Please respond in your own 220 words :

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Religious fundamentalism is practiced by groups of individuals who believe their religion is beyond any form of criticism and should also be forced among others. Spreading fundamentalism worldwide can be a possible danger to society in a multitude of ways. There are certain groups such as al qaeda and ISIS that hold a fundamentalist attitude, and have already claimed the lives of many innocent people. Fundamentalism shuts the doorway to new modern ideas which can also be harmful to society. Since fundamentalists do not listen to others opinions, others are then less inclined to hear them out. This creates feelings of violence towards others, leading to conflict.

Both christian fundamentalism and Islamic fundamentalism are relatively new, but they are both significantly different. Christian fundamentalists focus on whether the Bible is correct in all ways. They center their focus on whether the many Bible stories are true, whether the many miracles that Jesus practiced were true, and if the resurrection of Jesus actually happened. In contrast, Islamic fundamentalists focus on whether society should be composed according to the teachings of the Quran. Islamic fundamentalist believe that islamic societies should be theocracies meaning it is a system that persists rule in the name of God, and not a democracy.(207)

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