Hi I want a research paper about Blockchain Technology ,with 10 resources , take the resources from Annotated Bibliography Attach. and add 1 resource so the total gonna be 10 ,and use them in the research , also I’m going to post my Proposal to help you . also don’t want an a complicated , advanced paper I want it to be international student paper

  • RESEARCH PAPER: 37/55 points

15-20 page (4,500-6,000 words)
A firm minimum of 10 pages (paper alone) to be given any credit on this element.
Genre: Argumentative essay with in-text citations

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Conventions: MLA or APA style (choose one); Times New Roman 12 pt. font;

double spaced (2.0) between lines; indented paragraphs and consistent margins;

Title page that includes the following information centered:
Title of Paper; Your full name; instructor’s name; Course Title, number: section


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