This paper should reflect good research, analysis and presentation. It must begin with a clear thesis statement, continue to facts and analysis that support the thesis, then raise and defeat possible objections to the thesis and draw a clear conclusion. It must conform to APA style. Check out for help with APA style references. It must be written in correct graduate-level English.

The term Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) has become ubiquitous in the cybersecurity field. APTs are advanced because they use sophisticated and complex technology and techniques. They are persistent because, once they have penetrated a network, they propagate and obfuscate. Whatever their purpose, their authors are in it for the long haul. That said, the many APTs vary in their technology, techniques, targets, purpose, reporting methods, geographic area, authors and more.

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After doing some preliminary research, choose or devise a definition of APTs and explain why you chose that definition. Then, research at least four APTs. Explain how they all meet your definition of an APT. Say what the APTs that you chose have in common and how they differ. What do they do? Are there any indications of attribution? What are they doing to the world of intelligence? Are we likely to see more of them in the future? What should US policy be with regard to APTs?

These are some logical questions to get you started. Do not just answer them in succession. And do not just write a section for each APT. Write a graduate-level paper, as outlined above, that integrates your research to answer these questions and any others that you think important.

1200-1300 words 5-8 refernces

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