Thus are a some of answers I want to write in another format, or in other words.

.Reduction: when a big amount of data is collected, it is difficult to identify important information. Reduction is a reason to study statistics because it helps us to organize enormous quantities of data and reduce them and summarize them into meaningful pieces.

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Inference: studying statistics is also important because we can use the probability theory to make reliable inferences about a population from sample data. In this way, it will not be necessary to obtain information of every part of the population or we will not be in struggle if it is impossible to obtain data from the whole population.

. Identification of relationships: statistics are a key to find relations between two or more variables. It does not mean necessary the existence of relations of cause and consequence but of proportional increases or decreases between the variables. With the correlation coefficient it is possible to measure if there is a positive or negative relation and also to establish no relation.

# Convenience – everyone on campus does not have an equal chance of being included. The research just found people that were easy to access and used them for their survey.

# Cluster – potential subjects were divided into groups, groups were randomly chosen, and ALL members of chosen groups were included in the study.

# Random – The population was limited to 6th-graders in a particular school district. Students were numbered and randomly assigned using a random number generator to the research groups.

# Stratified Random – Subjects were divided into boys/girls (strata); then, an equal number was randomly selected from each group.

# Systematic – Subjects were selected by including every “nth” person from a list of all possible subjects.

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