This course has a Science Literacy component that counts as 10% of your total grade. The goal of this assignment is to track your appreciation of science news. For this assignment, you will fully answer the questions for each of the four articles below and turn in on Canvas by 11:59 on the due date listed. Note that all due dates fall on a Tuesday. Late answers will not be accepted.

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DUE DATE: WEDNESDAY 10/25/17. Upload on Canvas by 11:59 pm. Late answers will not be accepted.

Why pandas are black and white? (Related to EVOLUTION)… (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

  • Why has it been a long-standing problem to understand the giant panda’s coloration and how did the scientific team tackle this problem?
  • When and how does a panda’s white fur and dark fur act as camouflage?
  • Explain what the panda’s head markings may likely signal.
  • Explain what the source of this duel coloration likely stems from?
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