Select a software product (e.g., an existing product, an open source application, or a project you’re developing) and do the following:

1. Write up the problem statement and draw its context diagram. For each domain in the context diagram, define it and label it as causal, biddable, or lexical.

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2. Identify shared phenomena between linked domains. Define each phenomenon.

3. Decompose the problem into sub-problems, where each sub-problem is captured by a problem frame. Aim to find at least five sub-problems that are instances of at least three different problem frames.

For each sub-problem: i. Draw the problem diagram, identify which problem frame it is an instance of, and identify the shared phenomena specific to the sub-problem, and ii. Write the frame concerns for the sub-problem.

4. What is a Component Model and how can it play a role in architectural design?

5. Compare Object-oriented Development and Component-Based Development (CBD) from an architectural perspective.

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