Question # 1 (open the ZIP File)

Answer all the questions from the attached files. I’ve not enough time to do it myself. Please don’t use online sources.

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  • 1)Discuss the physiologic process behind blood flow in the human body. What makes it possible?
  • 2)Name and describe the two types of laminar flow. How are they related to friction?
  • 3)Define helical flow and give an example of where it can be frequently found.
  • 4)Describe the components that contribute to turbulent flow. How are they related to friction?
  • 5)Define Poiseuille’s Law. What does it tell us about flow?
  • 6)Define Bernoulli’s Law. What does it tell us about flow?
  • 7)How does Ohm’s Law relate to ultrasound?
  • 8)Review arterial anatomy down to the capillary bed. Review arterial resistance in the lower extremity; Include normal at rest, normal in exercise and abnormal Doppler waveforms.
  • 9)What is the difference in the capillary bed between exercise and chronic disease?
  • 10)Define Atherosclerosis and how it contributes to Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD)
  • 11)List and describe the different severity levels of PAD and the expected clinical findings and sonographic findings associated with them.
  • 12)How is AT (acceleration time) helpful in evaluating disease? Where?
  • 13)Explain the mapping of a hemodynamic Stenosis in the lower extremity exam.
  • 14)How is the systolic velocity ratio helpful in quantifying % Stenosis in the lower extremity?
  • 15)Describe the sonographic findings of a total arterial occlusion in the lower extremity.

Question # 2

open the attached file ( Patters and Distribution) and write down a brief summary ( one & half page) with the atticle

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