Thesis: There has been a rise in racial discrimination from the Trump campaign till now on Muslims, African Americans, and Hispanics.

No need for images I already have them, The main points are muslims, African Americans, and Hispanics.

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It must be typed and in outline form. See below.


•Attention Getting Device:

•Use stories, quotes, facts and humor to get the audiences attention

•Introduce Topic:

•Establish Credibility:

•Help the audience understand why you are the expert on this topic.

•Thesis Statement:

• Introduce main point 1

•Sub point A

•Show slide here…..

•Sub point B

•Sub point C

Transition sentence

•Introduce Main Point 2

•Show slide here……..

•Sub Point A

•Sub Point B

•Sub Point C

• Transition Sentence:

•Introduce Main Point 3

•Sub Point A

•Sub Point B

•Show slide here…….

•Sub Point C

•Transition Sentence (into Conclusion)


•Keep it brief!

Show final slide here….

Re-iterate your main points. What have you learned? What do you hope we have learned?

Can you bring it back to your AGD (attention getting device)?

Include a call to action!

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