part 1

The Hemispheres of the Brain

Coon and Mitterer describe brain lateralization as the “specialization in the abilities of the brain hemispheres” (2013, p. 79). With this in mind, respond to the following:

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  • What are the specializations of the brain’s right and left hemispheres?
  • What do studies on split-brain patients tell us about what happens when the two hemispheres are unable to communicate with each other?
  • Do you feel that one of your hemispheres is more dominant, in general, than the other? Why or why not? Support your reasoning with examples.

part 2

All of us tend to forget things:

  • You forget to stop at the store on your way home.
  • You cannot remember how to solve a quadratic equation, even though you cannot imagine why you want to.
  • You cannot remember whose face is on the $10 bill.

These are just three examples of the different types of forgetting we do.

For this discussion:

  • Describe two examples of forgetting you have experienced.
  • Identify and state what type of memory was involved for each example: sensory, short-term, or long-term.
  • Describe for each example which one of the concepts from your readings may explain what happened when you forgot:
    • Encoding failure.
    • Decay.
    • Disuse.
    • Lack of memory cues.
    • Interference.

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