make sure that the answers are right IT IS A ONE TIME ONLINE EXAM

1- The intent of this Article was to remedy the failings of the Articles of Confederation which left judicial matters to the state.

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a- Article I

b-Article II

c- Article IV

d- Article III

2- The power of a court to decide if a law or other legal issue contravenes the Constitution, and overturn.

a- legislative review

b- judicial review

c- executive review

d- None of the above

3- What year did the case of Marbury v. Madison happen?

a- 1756

b- 1800



4- The power of Judicial Review have been only used about_____times to strike down acts of Congress

a- 100

b- 125

c- 130

d- 140

e- none of the above

5- The American legal system is a dual system that consist of which of the following courts?

a- National and Legislative

b- National and Federal

c- State and Local

d-State and Federal

6- ____decide questions of law, not fact.

a- Apppellate Courts

b- Trial Courts

c- High/Supreme Courts

7- Litigation begins and courts hear the facts of the case at hand. This is called?

a- trial courts

b- state courts

c- appellate courts

d- High/Supreme Courts

e- none of the above

8- This court has actually 50 different systems. This is called?

a- State courts

b- Trial courts

c- Supreme courts

d- Federal courts

9- Judges are nominated by the_______and confirmed by the_______.

a- Senate majority leader, Senate

b- President, House of Representatives

c- House of Representatives, Senate Majority leader

d- President, Senate

10- ____advocates minimalist roles for the judges, and the latter.

a- Judicial Activisim

b- Judicial Restraint

c- Judicial Review

11- _____feels that judges should use the law to promote justice, equality, and personal liberty.

a- Judicial Review

b- Judicial Restraint

c- Judical Activism

d- none of the above

12- A precedent is a prior judicial decision that serves as a rule for setting subsequent cases of a similar nature.

a- true


13- Who implements the Courts decisions?

a- The Judical Sytem

b- The Executive Branch

c- The Legislative Branch

d- None of the above

14- In 1998 a poll of teenagers showed that only ____percent could name the Chief Justice.

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