Three question about simulation of Universal Rental Car in Harvard

the professor gave me Simulation in Harvard website, I did the run I got a good result. But he sent three questions I need help to answer it, and I will provide all the screenshot from the website.

The simulation is Universal Rental Car V2

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The questions below:

1.) How did you use available information to infer patterns in overall demand across the number? of periods of the game? How did it impact inventory decisions/capacity utilization? Please use information from Price History and Unit sales screens (please provide graphical and “view data”

Screenshots) to support your answers.

2.) How would you characterize the behavior of each type of customer’s (business/leisure)

responses to changes in price over the year? How does this vary across the three cities? WhichCity was the most challenging to manage?

3.) What pricing strategy did you use as you played the game? Why? How did it impact yourperformance? In selecting the objective of your pricing strategy, what were you trying tomaximize? (i.e., profit maximization, market share maximization, meet competition, status quo,etc.). Please use screenshots from your simulation to support your answers.

In the attachment my strategy

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