Managing Chronic Diseases

No aspect of aging is more alarming to many of us than the thought of losing our health. Our fears center not only on the pain and inconvenience of illness but also on its social-psychological consequences such as loss of personal independence and economic security. Poor health, more than other changes commonly associated with aging, can reduce a person’s competence in mastering his or her environment.

As a human service and public service leader, it is important to learn more about the management of chronic diseases in order to help and improve the well-being and enhance the quality of life of aging adults.

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Based on your observation of the aging adult in the Riverbend City simulation and your readings in this course so far, focus on approaches and behaviors that you think have the greatest chance to prevent the loss of quality of life. For your initial post in this discussion, analyze and explain your thoughts on how a multidisciplinary human service and public service leader might help retain quality of life.

  • What behaviors did you observe that would help an aging adult, family, or community organization?
  • What possible interventions might you present for the aging adult, family, or community organization that would prevent the loss of quality of life?
  • What personal experiences can help you provide insight for the aging adult, family, or community organization?
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