Please answer the following question, addressing each question inside the question.

  • 1-What types of states are most likely to become authoritarian? Why? Along the same lines, what authoritarian states have been most likely to democratize? Under what circumstances does this democratization occur? And why? Based on previous findings, describe one country you think is likely to democratize in the near future?
  • 2-Explain relationship between electoral system and party system. Answer should be sure to address this question from the perspective of both proportional representation and single member districts and provide examples to support your point
  • 3-Socialism has evolved over the centuries from Karl Marx’s original purpose theories. The first change took place with Leninism and now many liberal societies incorporate a mild form of socialism referred to as social democracy. Your analysis should include a comparison of these forms of government and explain how and why socialism split into these several varieties.
  • 4-Today’s world seems to be moving beyond sovereignty and towards supranational leadership to cooperate on issues of global importance. What are some of these issues? How might they be solved through supranational cooperation? Does such cooperation impede the sovereignty of independent nations? Please be sure to include specific examples in supporting your points.
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